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Move the energy


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A restorative experience to dive deep into your own self-care! We explore practices to anchor you in your body and raise your vibration.

Image by Bekir Dönmez

Move the energy


This course is the perfect opportunity to re-center, find balance and receive clarity on your life path.

Sharing with a small community of other participants, we will cultivate a healing space designed to strengthen and fortify you for your journey ahead.

Drawing on my 20-year practice of spiritual wellness, I will be sharing energy clearing and balancing techniques and self-care tips to add to your own personal wellness toolbox.

During this virtual experience, we will meet 3 times  to create a loving and supportive container as we explore the following:

- Healing breathwork

- Easy method meditation

- The ancient art of Ayurveda for physical well-being

- Healing movement from the disciplines of energy medicine and yoga

- Activating your magic! Powerful manifestation techniques

**Ayurveda is the ancient Indian art of holistic wellness (and the sister science to yoga) which uses food, herbs, and oils as the body's medicine.

Between each meeting, you'll have time to review provided handouts and videos, to integrate this healing work into your life.


This is a rich experience and a time to learn with others, connect and share in the community.


For information on upcoming session dates or if you'd like to gather your own group, you can reach out to me to schedule by clicking the button below.

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